Victoria Puig de Lange

Victoria Puig de Lange

Victoria Puig de Lange (Guayaquil, December 3, 1916 – Miami, May 14, 2008) was an Ecuadorian author, composer, diplomat, and influential figure in journalism and the fashion world. Throughout her long career, she held notable positions such as Editor-in-Chief of Harper’s Bazaar (Spanish edition) and worked as a Latin American syndicated columnist. Puig’s autobiography, “Sol Con Agua,” blended elements of magic realism with her personal memoirs of a life surrounded by presidents, movie stars, and international personalities. She played a significant role in promoting Latin American designers, co-founding the first Latin American fashion week and being actively involved in major fashion events in London, Milan, and Paris. As a diplomat, Puig represented Ecuador as Consul General in Miami, while also showcasing her musical talents as a songwriter and performer. Recognized for her contributions, Puig received numerous accolades and awards, including Honorary Citizen of Florida and the Woman of the Year award in Ecuador. Victoria Puig de Lange left a lasting legacy in the realms of journalism, fashion, and cultural diplomacy.

Personal life

Victoria Puig de Lange, born Victoria Enriqueta Puig Parada on December 3, 1916, in Guayaquil, Ecuador, was the daughter of Carlos Vilazar Puig and Rosa Marie Parada Puig, both diplomats. She had a rich personal life, being married three times. Her first marriage was to Luis Aguirre Luque in 1935, followed by James Dall Brown in 1941, and finally Harold Lange Browne in 1947. From these marriages, she had three children: Luis C. Aguirre, Barbara Pereira, and Christian Lange. Victoria Puig de Lange’s personal life was marked by her relationships and her role as a mother, adding depth and significance to her remarkable career and accomplishments. Victoria Puig de Lange was commonly known by the nickname “Chichi” Puig.

The Songwriter

Victoria Puig de Lange’s passion for music led her to represent Ecuador as a songwriter at Chile’s OTI Festival. She released her LP titled “La Novia del Río,” a collection of ballads featuring the rhythms and sounds of her native land. This musical work dedicated to Guayaquil was interpreted by the renowned Guayaquil singer Patricia González in 1978.

Timeline of working career

  • 1946-1960: Attache at Embassies in Washington and Chile.
  • 1962-1964: Consul General of Ecuador in Florida.
  • 1964-1965: Adviser in Florida.
  • 1963: Founded the People to People Committee.
  • 1971-2007: Wrote for the magazine Hogar in Ecuador.
  • 1972: Began working as a Latin American syndicated columnist.
  • 1974: Became a member of the board of the Summer Star Theatre.
  • 1975: Joined the Customer Advisory Board for Burdines.
  • 1984: Became the Editor-in-Chief of Harper’s Bazaar (Spanish edition).
  • Founded Ideas Plus International.
  • Worked as a freelance writer and fashion consultant.
  • Continued working as a columnist for various media outlets, including the Miami Herald and El Telégrafo.
  • Member of the Council International Visitors from 1964 to 1977.
  • Member of the special advisory board for Germaine Monteil Non-Stop Achievers.

Awards and recognitions

  • 1966: Named Honorary Citizen of Florida.
  • 1967: Received the Keys of Dade County award, Florida Miami.
  • 1967: Awarded the Merit Medal by the Government of Ecuador.
  • 1975: Received the Woman of the Year award in Ecuador.
  • 1982: Received the International Field medal for being the Most Outstanding Ecuadorian.


Victoria Puig de Lange passed away on May 14, 2008, in the United States, where she had lived for over 40 years. Her funeral took place on June 6, 2008, in Guayaquil, Ecuador. As per her final wish, her ashes were interred at the Cementerio General or Panteón Patrimonial de la Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil, the same resting place as her parents. Her death marked the end of a remarkable career and life filled with accomplishments in journalism, fashion, and cultural diplomacy.


An announcement about her death in 2008 on Channel 2 in Guayaquil, May 14, 2008.


In 2002, Victoria Puig de Lange published the book “Sol con agua” under the editorial imprint of Vistazo. The book featured a prologue written by Colombian journalist, writer, and diplomat Plinio Apuleyo Mendoza.

Name variations

  • Victoria Enriqueta Puig Parada
  • Chichi Puig.

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