Ricardo de la Fuente

Ricardo de la Fuente (llanura, Argentina) was an Argentinian writer, poet, and professor who migrated to Ecuador in 1976, and lived in Manta since 1985. He attended the University of La Plata where he studied journalism and humanities. He then worked in radio and newspapers until 1976, when Argentina’s military dictatorship imprisoned him without charging him with any crime. Once freed, he moved to Ecuador, where he started a family and became a journalist. He wrote for the Ecuadorian newspapers, Diario Manabita and El Sol. In 1997 he won the the “Jorge Mantilla Ortega” national journalism competition’s “la Pluma de Oro” award. He wrote about a dozen nonfiction books, and a novel titled, “Tagua. Una Historia de Ultramar.” He taught at The Faculty of Communication Sciences at the University of Manta.


Ricardo de la Fuente died of cancer at the age of 70 on May 29, 2015.


  • Los tauras: crónicas de una época violenta (2001)
  • Tagua. Una Historia de Ultramar

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