Santiago Rivadeneira Aguirre

Santiago Rivadeneira Aguirre

Santiago Rivadeneira Aguirre (Quito) is an Ecuadorian writer, editor, theater critic, and university professor. From 1973-2000, he was the coordinator of the Theater School at the School of Fine Arts of the Central University of Ecuador. He was a member of the editorial board of the magazine Eskeletra and of the writer’s workshop La Pequeñalulupa. Among his best-known books are: “De cantos y huellas” (1976), “Las venturas de la abuela rota” (1995), and “Los sonidos del pensar en el teatro y la danza” (2017). He has taught literature, philosophy, theater, and cinema at universities.


  • Santiago de Chile (1965-1973) – journalism.
  • Universidad de Paris VIII (1979/80) – cinema.

Theater critic

From 1974 through 1999, he was the director of La Ultima Rueda, a theater critique journal he created. He also worked as a theater critic for a magazine named El Apuntador for 10 years.


Rivadeneira speaks about the Registro Unico de Artistas y Gestores Culturales

Selected works

  • De cantos y huellas (1976)
  • Las venturas de la abuela rota (1995)
  • Los sonidos del pensar en el teatro y la danza (2017)

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