Victoria Tobar

Victoria Tobar Fierro

Victoria Tobar Fierro (Ambato, 1943) is an Ecuadorian poet, writer, and literary critic. In 1983 her first poetry book, “Y de repente” was bestowed the “Juan León Mera” award by the municipality of Ambato. She has written 5 poetry books and her poems have been selected for inclusion in various anthologies of Ecuadorian and Latin American poetry. In 2020 a compilation of her poems was published in a book entitled “Inmensos sentidos” by the publisher El ángel editor.


Victoria Tobar Fierro, Marialuz Albuja Bayas, Gabriel Chávez and Ana Cecilia Blum.


Poetry books
  • Y de repente (1983)
  • De victorias y derrotas (1991)
  • Palabra cómplice (1995)
  • La victoria, la rosa y viceversa -Antología- (1997)
  • Desde las referencias (2001)
  • Poesía despeinada (2006).
  • Inmensos sentidos (2020)
  • Latoya (2014)

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