Xavier Oquendo Troncoso

Xavier Oquendo Troncoso

Xavier Oquendo Troncoso (Ambato, 1972) is an Ecuadorian poet, editorial writer, editor and professor. He has published over 11 titles, including poetry, short stories, children’s literature and anthologies of young writers from Ecuador. In 1993 he won the Pablo Palacio Short Story Award and the National Poetry Award. In 1999 the city of Ambato awarded him the Juan León Mera Award for all his literary work. His book “Salvados del naufragio” (2005) is a compilation of his poetry from 15 years of work up to the year in which it was published. His poems appeared in English translation in a book entitled “Poems That Love Me” (2016), translated by Gordon E. McNeer. Some of his poems have also been translated into Italian and Portuguese.


Xavier Oquendo Troncoso, born in Ambato in 1972, is a renowned poet, journalist, and literary scholar. He holds a Ph.D. in Literature and Letters and has studied book editing in Madrid. With an impressive repertoire of 11 published works, including poetry, short stories, children’s literature, and anthologies, Oquendo’s literary contributions have garnered both national and international acclaim.

Early Works and Poetic Contributions:

Since 1993, Xavier Oquendo Troncoso has made significant contributions to the field of poetry. His published poetry collections include notable works such as “Guionizando poematográficamente,” “Detrás de la vereda de los autos,” “Calendariamente,” “El (An)verso de las esquinas,” “Después de la caza,” “La conquista del agua,” “Esto fuimos en la felicidad,” “Segunda edición: Ibook, Quito,” “Solos,” “Lo que aire es,” and “Manual para el que espera.” These works showcase his poetic prowess and explore diverse themes and styles.

Xavier Oquendo Troncoso has compiled significant anthologies that illuminate the contemporary Ecuadorian poetry scene. These include “Antología de nuevos poetas ecuatorianos” (2002), “Salvados del naufragio” (1990-2005), “Alforja de caza” (2012), “Piel de náufrago” (2012), “Mar inconcluso” (2014), “Últimos cuadernos” (2015), “El fuego azul de los inviernos” (2016; 2019), “Los poemas que me aman” (2016; 2018; 2022), “El cántaro con sed” (2017), “Dedicatorium” (2020), “En la soledad del nuevo día” (2020), “Dos cuadernos en soledad” (2021), and “Algunas alas” (2021). These anthologies not only feature Oquendo’s own work but also provide a platform for emerging poets from Ecuador.

Recognition and Influence

Oquendo’s impact as a poet extends beyond national borders. He was selected as one of the 40 most influential Spanish-language poets in “El canon abierto,” an anthology published by Editorial Visor in Spain. His poetry has been included in significant Hispanic-American anthologies, such as the bilingual anthology “Giovane poesía latinoamericana,” conceived by Chilean poet Mario Meléndez and published in Italy. Oquendo has actively participated in poetry and literary events in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Peru, broadening his international reach.

Organizational and Editorial Contributions

Xavier Oquendo Troncoso is recognized for his organizational skills and commitment to promoting poetry. He organizes the “Poesía en Paralelo Cero” International Poets’ Encounter in Ecuador, a prestigious poetry festival now in its twelfth consecutive year. He is also the director and editor of El Ángel Editor, a publishing firm that has released over 150 titles by Ecuadorian and Latin American authors. Additionally, he has organized four editions of the Young Poetry Days in Ecuador, fostering the growth and recognition of emerging poets.

Accolades and Distinctions

Throughout his career, Xavier Oquendo Troncoso has received numerous national accolades, including the Pablo Palacio Prize for short stories and the National Poetry Prize in 1993. The Municipality of Ambato recognized his literary and promotional work by awarding him the Juan León Mera decoration in 1999. These honors attest to his significant contributions to Ecuadorian literature and his dedication to fostering literary appreciation.


Xavier Oquendo Troncoso has emerged as a prominent figure in contemporary Latin American poetry. His vast body of work, spanning poetry, short stories, children’s literature, and anthologies, showcases his versatility and literary prowess. With international recognition and numerous accolades, Oquendo has played a crucial role in elevating the status of Ecuadorian poetry on a global scale. As an organizer and editor, he has provided platforms for emerging voices and actively contributed to the literary community. Xavier Oquendo Troncoso’s influence and commitment to poetry make him a significant figure in the literary landscape of Ecuador and beyond.


Interview with Xavier Oquendo on TV program “Cara a Cara con Rosalía”

Xavier Oquendo speaks about Poesía en Paralelo Cero (Poetry in Parallel Zero), an event that brings together great figures of literature to Ecuador for a week. Oquendo has served as an organizer of this event.

Selected works

Poetry Books

  • Guionizando poematográficamente (1993)
  • Detrás de la vereda de los autos (1994)
  • Calendariamente poesía (1995)
  • El (An)verso de las esquinas (1996)
  • Después de la caza (1998)
  • La Conquista del Agua (2001)
  • Esto fuimos en la felicidad (Quito, 2009 – Mención de honor Premio Jorge Carrera Andrade, 2010; 2nd Ed. Mexico, 2018)
  • Solos (2011; 2nd Ed. translated into Italian by Alessio Brandolini, Rome, 2015)
  • Lo que aire es (Colombia, Buenos Aires, Granada, 2014)
  • Manual para el que espera (2015)
  • Compañías limitadas (Finalist of the Premio Pilar Fernández Labrador, 2018; Premio Universidad Central del Ecuador, 2020)


  • Antología de nuevos poetas ecuatorianos (2002)
  • Salvados del naufragio (poesía 1990-2005)
  • Alforja de caza (Mexico, 2012)
  • Piel de náufrago (Bogotá, 2012)
  • Mar inconcluso (Mexico, 2014)
  • Últimos cuadernos (Guadalajara, 2015)
  • El fuego azul de los inviernos (1st Ed. Virtual, Italy, 2016; 2nd Ed. Augmented, New York, 2019)
  • Los poemas que me aman (personal anthology translated entirely into English by Gordon McNeer – Valparaiso USA, 2016 – and into Italian by Emilio Coco – Rome, 2018; 3rd augmented edition – Cisne negro, Tegucigalpa, 2022)
  • El cántaro con sed (translated into Portuguese by Javier Frías, Amagord Ediciones, Madrid, 2017)
  • Dedicatorium (Lima, 2020)
  • En la soledad del nuevo día (Honduras, Colección Poetas de los confines, plaquette No. 10, 2020)
  • Dos cuadernos en soledad (New York, 2021)
  • Algunas alas (Colombia, 2021)

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