Yuliana Ortiz Ruano

Yuliana Ortiz Ruano

Yuliana Ortiz Ruano (Limones, Esmeraldas, 1992) is an Ecuadorian poet and writer. She has had several of her poems published in both printed and digital magazines. Among her published poetry books are “Sovoz” (2016), “Canciones desde el fin del mundo” (2018), and “Cuaderno del imposible retorno a Pangea” (2021). In 2017, Yuliana received an honorable mention at the international poetry festival “Poetry in Parallel Zero.” She was also awarded the National Literature Award in 2021 in the poetry category for her remarkable contributions to the field. Currently, she serves as an editor and anthologist for the online poetry magazine Cráneo de Pangea. Yuliana’s debut novel, “Fiebre de carnaval” (Carnival Fever), was published in 2022 and received critical acclaim. In 2023, she won the prestigious IESS First Novel Prize in Italy, which recognizes the best first novel by a Latin American author under the age of 35. As part of this award, her book will be translated into Italian. Her novel was also recognized as one of the recommended books of 2022 by the Spanish edition of Vanity Fair magazine and received high praise from author Mónica Ojeda, who named it her favorite novel of the year. Currently, Yuliana Ortiz Ruano resides in Guayaquil, Ecuador.


Yuliana Ortiz Ruano interview
Uploaded to YouTube on October 13,2023.
Yuliana Ortiz Ruano speaking about her novel Fiebre de carnaval winning the IESS Prize
Premiered Jan 28, 2023
Yuliana Ortiz Ruano speaking to a panel about her debut novel Fiebre de carnaval
Uploaded to YouTube on Dec 7, 2022.
Video featuring the poet Yuliana Ortiz
Uploaded to YouTube on Feb 13, 2019
Yuliana Ortiz presents her books Fiebre de carnaval (novel) and Canciones desde el fin del mundo (poetry)
Streamed live on Nov 22, 2022
Yuliana Ortiz Ruano interviewed and reads from her book Cuaderno sobre el imposible retorno a pangea
Streamed live on May 14, 2022
Several authors who took part in the Quito Book Fair 2020
Uploaded to YouTube Dec 10, 2020.
Interview with Yuliana Ortiz – Lunes Feminista (Feminist Mondays)
Uploaded to YouTube on Oct 28, 2019
A conversation with Nicté Toxqui and Yuliana Ortiz Ruano
Uploaded to YouTube on Oct 11, 2021


She earned a degree in literature from the University of the Arts of Ecuador.



  • Nostalgia de la luz (UANL, 2016)
  • Sovoz (Hanan Harawi, Lima, Perú 2016)
  • Canciones desde el fin del mundo (Amauta&Yaguar, Buenos Aires, 2018 – Kikuyo Editorial, Quito 2020 – Libero Editorial, Madrid, 2021).

Her poems have also been included in the following anthologies

  • Antología Harawiq muestra de poesía ecuatoriana y boliviana (Murcielagario Kartonera, 2015)
  • Memorias del recital Paralelo 0 (El Ángel, Ecuador, 2017)
  • Antología Enero en la palabra (Cuzco, Perú 2018)
  • Nubes poesía hispanoamericana (Pre–textos, Madrid, 2019)
  • Liberoamericanas 80 poetas contemporáneas (Liberoamérica, Buenos


  • Fiebre de carnaval (Publisher, ‎La Navaja Suiza Editores, 2022) – read an excerpt here.

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