Atanasio Viteri

Atanasio Viteri Karolys

Atanasio Viteri Karolys (Latacunga, October 29, 1908-1965) was an essayist, novelist, poet, journalist and university professor. He wrote for the newspapers El Día, La Tierra and El Telégrafo. He was four times the director of the School of Journalism of the Central University of Ecuador, vice president of the National Union of Journalists, president of the Press Freedom Commission of the IV Inter-American Press Congress (Bogotá, 1946) and press secretary of the National Assembly of 1945. He is one of the “poets of Elan,” a group of Ecuadorian poets born between 1905 and 1920 representing the neosymbolism or lyrical vanguard movement.


  • Gold Medial from the School of Journalism of the Central University of Ecuador, 1962.



  • El cuento ecuatoriano contemporáneo (Quito, 1932)
  • Manuel J. Calle; el Cotopaxi; los Mideros (Quito, 1943)
  • Historia de Quito (Quito, 1953)
  • Contienda del hombre y la belleza (1954)
  • Pierre Loti y Frances Jammes de Chasserriau (1954)


  • La tierra de cristal obscurecida, epopeya del reino de Quito -Central University of Ecuador Award- (Quito, 1956)
  • El dios terrestre (1959).


  • Marino Azar (1940)
  • Temas (1943)
  • Cinco poemas y canto a Zola (1944)
  • Poesía (1962).

Viteri’s poems were included in the following anthology:

  • Antología Poética de Cotopaxi, (published by Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana) (1976)

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