Fernando Macías Pinargote

Fernando Macías Pinargote

Fernando Macías Pinargote (Portoviejo) is an Ecuadorian author, poet, and academic known for his contributions to the cultural and literary landscapes of his home province of Manabi. His illustrious career spans roles as a cultural promoter, a newspaper editorialist, a professor, and a director of various cultural institutions. Macías Pinargote’s literary repertoire is equally impressive, featuring diverse works from poetry collections like “El bus de las 5” (1976), “Teoría del juego” (2007), and “El signo” (2011) to journalistic chronicles like “La Primera pantalla” (2003) and his latest work in 2023, “El fútbol junto al río,” a historical account of establishing Portoviejo’s first soccer stadium. His unique narrative style and commitment to the cultural enrichment of his country distinguish Macías Pinargote as a significant figure in Ecuadorian literature, journalism, and academia.


Fernando Macías Pinargote is a distinguished author from Portoviejo, Ecuador with a vast and varied body of work. As a journalist, poet, and university lecturer, he has enriched the cultural and literary landscape of his native province of Manabí.

Career and Achievements

Macías Pinargote’s career is distinguished by his affiliations with esteemed institutions. He worked as a cultural promoter for the Provincial Council of Manabí and lectured at the Faculty of Communication of the Laica Eloy Alfaro University of Manabí. In the realm of journalism, he contributed as an editorialist for the well-known newspaper, El Diario of Portoviejo.

He also held several leadership positions in the cultural sector. Macías Pinargote directed the La Flor de Septiembre Festival, served as the Cultural Director for the Provincial Government of Manabí, and presided over the Cultural Valdivia Foundation. He led the Cauces and Recado Cultural magazines and the Journalists’ College of Manabí.

As a professor, he teaches Cultural Management at the Technical University of Manabí. For 25 years, he was a professor at the Laica Eloy Alfaro University of Manabí.

Literary Contributions

Macías Pinargote’s literary talent spans diverse genres. His works include “El bus de las 5,” a collection of poems published in 1975, and “La Primera pantalla,” a journalistic account of the advent of television in Ecuador, published in 2003. His poetry collection “Teoría del juego” was published as part of the Almuerzo Desnudo collection by the Open Sea Editorial of the Laica Eloy Alfaro University of Manabí, reaffirming the publisher’s commitment to promoting national and provincial authors.

The Guayaquil poet, Fernando Cazón Vera, praised “Teoría del juego” for its smart use of parable and paradox, noting Macías Pinargote’s ability to transition in writing style, resulting in a unique progression in his work.

In 2023, Macías Pinargote released his latest work, “El fútbol junto al río.” This book, which is part of the Cuerpo y Memoria collection, provides a journalistic chronicle of the challenges faced while establishing the first soccer stadium in the city of Portoviejo. It also pays homage to the soccer teams, players, and other figures who were instrumental in the creation of the stadium.


Fernando Macías Pinargote exemplifies a lifelong commitment to knowledge, cultural development, and literary artistry. His career, spanning journalism, poetry, and academia, reveals a profound passion for communication and education. His life’s work, marked by intellectual growth, richness, and unending curiosity, beautifully mirrors the multifaceted tapestry of human experience as seen through his unique lens.

Selected Works

  • El bus de las 5 (1975)
  • La Primera pantalla (2003)
  • Verde y blanco (2011)
  • Después de los aplausos (2014)
  • El fútbol junto al río (2023)

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