Luis Alberto Bravo

Luis Alberto Bravo

Luis Alberto Bravo (Milagro, 1979)​ is an Ecuadorian novelist, short story writer, and poet. His poetry collectioms include “Antropología pop” (2010) and “Utolands” (2011). In 2011, the Guadalajara International Book Festival named him one of the 25 best kept literary secrets of Latin America. He has authored the novels “Septiembre” (2013), “Hotel Bartleby” (2013), “El jardinero de los Rolling Stones” (2016), and  “Crow” (2017). In 2022, he won the Jose Donoso Pareja Narrative Award for his short novel “Asia,” which blends fact and fiction in the retelling of a trip to Guayaquil, Ecuador, taken by American writer and artist William Burroughs in the 1950s.

Awards and recognitions

  • 2012: Award from Editorial Fund of the Ministry of Culture of Ecuador for his novel Septiembre.
  • 2014: He won a scholarship awarded by FONCA and AECID for the Artistic Residency Program for Creators from Ibero-America and Haiti in Mexico to write his then novel project El jardinero de los Rolling Stones.
  • 2015: His novel El jardinero de los Rolling Stones won the Miguel Riofrío National Literature Contest.
  • 2022: With his novel Asia, he won the Miguel Donoso Pareja Narrative Award, a contest sponsored by the Guayaquil International Book Fair.



  • Septiembre (2013)
  • Hotel Bartleby (2013)
  • El jardinero de los Rolling Stones (2016)
  • Crow (2017)
  • Asia (2022)


  • Antropología pop (Para árboles epilépticos) (2010)
  • Utolands (2010)

Short stories

  • Cuentos para hacer dormir a una niña punk(2010)
  • Las ardillas del Orden Enano (2011)

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