Wladimir Chávez

Wladimir Chávez

Wladimir Chávez, born Wladimir Alfredo Chávez Vaca (Quito, 1977) is an Ecuadorian novelist and short story writer. He has lived in Norway for over 20 years where he currently works as an associate professor of Spanish and Latin American literature in the Department of Languages, Literature and Culture at Østfold University College. In 2014 his collection of short stories “En el corazón del silencio” [In the Heart of Silence] won the Biennial Pichincha Prize. In 2018 his novel “El olor de las flores quemadas” [The Smell of Burning Flowers] won the Miguel Riofrío National Literary Award. Some of his work has been translated into English and Italian.


He has studied at the Pontifical Catholic University of Quito (PUCE), University of Bergen, University of Aarhus, University of Newcastle and New York University (NYU). He has a Certificate of Inter-American Studies (PUCE), a degree in Communication and Literature (PUCE), a Master’s in Creative Literature (NYU), and a Ph.D. in Latin American Studies, with a major in Literature (University of Bergen).

His PhD research was about literary plagiarism and intertextuality. His study evaluated the concept of “plagiarism” from the viewpoint of Gerard Genette’s transtextuality and developed a methodology for textual comparison.


  • Winner of the Biennial Premio Pichincha 2014-2015 (Ecuador). Collection of short stories: En el Corazón del Silencio [In the Heart of Silence]. Print.
  • Winner of the National Literary Award Miguel Riofrío (2018, Ecuador). El olor de las flores quemadas [The Smell of Burning Flowers]. Print.


Interview with Wladimir Chávez
Uploaded to YouTube in 2022.


  • En el corazón del silencio (2015)
  • ¡Dios mío, ¡qué guapo es el asesino de papá! My God, How Handsome is My Father´s Killer! (2018) – Wladimir Chávez, Ana I. Simón Alegre (Translator), Kimberly Moreira (Translator)
  • Postales para ciegos (2018)
  • El olor de las flores quemadas (2019)

He has also been included the following anthologies

  • TV guía de catástrofes: Cuentos para la cuarentena (2020)

Name variation

  • Wladimir Alfredo Chávez Vaca
  • Wladimir Chávez Vaca
  • Wladimir Chávez

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