Cristóbal Garcés Larrea

Cristóbal Garcés Larrea (Guayaquil, April 20, 1924 – May 2017) was an Ecuadorian poet, editor, and literary critic. He was the editor-in-chief of Cuadernos del Guayas, the official magazine of the Guayas chapter of the House of Ecuadorian Culture, which was created by Carlos Zevallos Menéndez and whose prior editors-in-chief were Adalberto Ortiz and Francisco Pérez Febres Cordero (albeit for short periods). In 1944, he and Galo René Pérez, Jorge Enrique Adoum and Enrique Noboa Elizaga published the literary magazine Madrugada. In 1970, he released a book series that included stories by then-contemporary writers from certain Latin American countries or regions (which he compiled and edited), including: “Narradores Centroamericanos Contemporáneos,” “Narradores Cubanos Contemporáneos,” “Narradores Colombianos Contemporáneos,” and “Narradores Brasileños Contemporáneos.” He published several of his poems in magazines in Ecuador but a collection of his poems has never been published as a book. He worked for many years as a professor.


Cristóbal Garcés Larrea graduated from Vicente Rocafuerte High School, Guayaquil, Ecuador. He was schoolmate of poet Tomás Pantaleón. His literature teacher was Enrique Gil Gilbert. (Other teachers at Vicente Rocafuerte High School at the time included Leopoldo Benítes Vinueza, Demetrio Aguilera Malta, among others). In 1944 he left Guayaquil for Quito to study at the Central University of Ecuador.


Born in Guayaquil on April 20, 1924, Cristóbal Garcés Larrea was the only child of Ignacio Garcés Terán from Ambato and Rosa Larrea Sánchez from Guayaquil.


As editor

  • Narradores Centroamericanos Contemporáneos (1970)
  • Narradores Cubanos Contemporáneos (1970)
  • Narradores Colombianos Contemporáneos (1970)
  • Narradores Brasileños Contemporáneos (1970)

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