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Hans Behr Martínez

Hans Behr Martínez (Guayaquil, October 31, 1962) is an award-winning Ecuadorian novelist, short story writer, and children’s literature author. In 1999, his novel “Los senderos de Emaús” won the national literature contest organized by the House of Ecuadorian Culture. In 2009, his novel “Maratón” (originally titled Acaso si lloviese) won the Aurelio Espinosa Pólit Prize. In 2014 his novel “Las luces de la felicidad” won the Ángel Felicísimo Rojas National Literature Contest. In 2020, his science fiction novel “Firmamento” won the La Linares Short Novel Prize.


Hans Behr Martínez, born on October 31, 1962, in Guayaquil, Guayas province, is an acclaimed Ecuadorian novelist, short story writer, and author of children’s literature. Throughout his career, he has garnered numerous awards and accolades, showcasing his exceptional talent and literary contributions.

Early Life and Education

Hans Behr Martínez’s literary journey began during his secondary education at the Colegio Salesiano Cristóbal Colón, where he started writing short novels and participating in intercollegiate literature competitions. His passion for storytelling and writing flourished during these formative years. He pursued higher education at the Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral, earning a degree as a food technologist.

Literary Career

Hans Behr Martínez’s literary career commenced with the publication of his first work, a collection of short stories titled “Ojos de piquero” in 1984. This debut showcased his ability to craft compelling narratives. He followed this success with another collection of stories titled “Circo” in 1992, further establishing his prowess as a storyteller.

In 1999, Martínez achieved significant recognition by winning the National Literature Contest organized by the Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana with his novel “Los senderos de Emaús” (The Paths of Emmaus). This work, published in early 2002, intricately weaves together interconnected stories set in the fictional town of Emaús, inspired by the Ecuadorian city of Macas. The novel captivates readers with its original themes, engaging narrative pace, and meticulously crafted language.

Awards and Accolades

Hans Behr Martínez’s literary achievements continued to be recognized with the prestigious Aurelio Espinosa Pólit Prize in 2009 for his novel “Maratón” (originally titled “Acaso si lloviese”). The judging panel, consisting of renowned writers Alicia Ortega Caicedo, Francisco Proaño Arandi, and Carlos Aulestia, praised the novel’s originality, compelling narrative rhythm, and carefully crafted language. “Maratón” takes readers on a literary journey, vividly depicting the experience of running in the rain as a living poem.

In 2012, Martínez further solidified his literary reputation by winning the first prize in the Ángel Felicísimo Rojas National Literature Contest with his novel “Las luces de la felicidad” (The Lights of Happiness). Published by the Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana in 2014, this work showcases Martínez’s ability to blend suspense, action, and fantasy against the backdrop of Puerto Bolívar.

Martínez has also made significant contributions to children’s and young adult literature. His works in this genre, published by Grupo Editorial Norma and the El Barco de Vapor collection of Grupo SM, include “Casita, casona, casuna” (2011), “Soldado G3113” (2013), “El viaje al cráter del Ngorongoro” (2015), “Una bandada de pelícanos” (2016), and “El día en el que murió el solitario George” (2019).

Martínez’s latest novel, “Firmamento,” a science fiction work, was the recipient of the prestigious La Linares Short Novel Prize in 2020.



  • Los senderos de Emaús (2002)
  • Maratón (2009)
  • Las luces de la felicidad (2014)
  • Firmamento (2020)

Short stories

  • Ojos de piquero (1984)
  • Circo (1992)
  • Errantes y embusteros (2013)

Children’s literature

  • Casita, casona, casuna (2011)
  • Soldado G3113 (2013)
  • El viaje al cráter del Ngorongoro (2015)
  • Una bandada de pelícanos (2016)
  • El día en el que murió el solitario George (2019)

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