José Joaquín Pino de Ycaza

José Joaquín Pino de Ycaza

José Joaquín Pino de Ycaza (Guayaquil, January 30, 1902 – Guayaquil, February 25, 1959) was an Ecuadorian poet, educator, historian and politician. Since as early as 14 years old he began publishing his poems in national literary magazines such as Patria and Helios, and later also in Juventud (Quito) and Proteos (Guayaquil). He directed the magazine Hermes, which published the most prominent early 20th century poets of Ecuador, such as Wenceslao Pareja, Miguel E. Neira, José Antonio Falconí, and his friend Medardo Angel Silva. In 1984 the Guayas branch of the House of Ecuadorian Culture published a collection of his poems in a small book entitled “Sándalo.”


  • José Gabriel Pino Roca, an historian and traditionalist.
  • Dolores de Ycaza Bustamante.


  • In 1908 he began his primary studies at the Escuela de los Hermanos Cristianos, and in 1914 he went to the Vicente Rocafuerte School where he finished high school.

Teaching career

Since 1942 until the day he died, he held the chairs of History and World Literature at the Vicente Rocafuerte School. From 1947 to 1949 he was a professor at the recently founded Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Guayaquil.


  • In 1955 he was elected Councilor of the Guayaquil canton.
  • In 1958 he was re-elected Councilor.
  • He was appointed Deputy of the Guayas province.

Awards and honors

  • In 1924 he was included in the “Selection of Modern Ecuadorian Poets and Prosaists,” published by the Quito Writers Society.
  • In 1957 he was awarded the “Literary Palmes” by the French Academy.


  • Tres constructores de la República (1959)
  • Una interpretación de Medardo Angel Silva (1955)
  • Sándalo y 3 romances: poesía (1984)

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